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The date of establishing and history: BSU - Bukhara State University was established in 1930 and is a famous and classical higher educational institution with 90 years age. The BSU has been preparing thousands of specialists and highly qualified personnel for the national economy of Uzbekistan for a long time. Bukhara State University is an active participant of reforms in education and science in Uzbekistan, combining teaching and learning processes, raising the competitiveness of trained personnel, introducing advanced pedagogical technologies, maintaining and prioritizing scientific researches.

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With the start of the Independence Day, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, I.A.Karimov, started to make a number of regional pedagogical institutes in 1992, preparing highly-qualified specialists with a wide range of knowledge on various sectors of the national economy. Therefore, since March 15, 1992 Bukhara Pedagogical Institute has been granted the status of the university and its capacities have been expanded. New prospects have opened the door to this Old City, which has many years of tradition.

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