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About the Academic Council of the Bukhara State University and the Scientific Secretariat

Scientific Council of Bukhara State University was established  on the basis of the Regulation on the Academic Council of the Higher Educational Institution, approved by the relevant order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The term of the Council is 5 years.

 Academic Council meetings have been held held by Professor A.A. Tulyaganov since June 12, 2014. The Scientific Council consists of 30 members and is approved by the order of the rector of the university (Table 1). The structure of the Academic Council was reviewed at the beginning of the academic year and new members were elected according to their duties. At the present time the scientific council consists of the rector of the university, 5 pro-rectors, deans of 7 faculties, the director of the regional center for retraining and improvement of professional skills, the chairman of the Trade union committee, scientific leaders, prominent professors and associate professors.



(3-4- meeting 2018, November)

Names of the Council members



To‘laganov Abduqobil Abdunabiyevich

Rector of the University, Professor,

Chairman of the Council


Muqimov Komil Muqimovich

Rep.Uzb. Academician of the Academy of Sciences, Professor


Durdiyev Durdimurod Qalandarovich

Vice Rector for Educational Affairs, Professor


Kadirov Arif Maxmudovich

Pro-rector for spiritual and educational work, docent


Samiyev Kamoliddin A'zamovich

Vice Rector for Science and Innovation, Associate Professor


Rahimov Olim Hamidovich

Vice Rector for Financial and Economic Affairs


Hojiyev Sanjar Samadovich

Secretary of the Council



Qahhorov Sidiq Qahhorovich

Chairman of the Trade Union Committee, Professor


Adizov Baxtiyor Raxmonovich

Director of the Regional Center for Training and Reinforcement of Pedagogical Staff at the University, Professor


Mirzayev SHavkat Mustaqimovich

Dean of Physics and Mathematics Faculty, Professor


Muxtorov Erkin Mustafoyevich

Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Associate Professor


Artiqova Hafiza To‘ymurodovna

Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Associate Professor


Haydarov Anvar Askarovich

Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Associate Professor


Nishonboev Ismoil Pardaboyevich

Dean of Military Education Faculty, Colonel


Ma’murov Bahodir Baxshullayevich

Dean of the Faculty of Physical Culture, Associate Professor


Ochilov O‘tkirbek Sayfullayevich

Dean of the Faculty of History and Cultural Heritage, Associate Professor


Jo‘rayev Abror Turobovich

Dean of tourism faculty, docent


Umarov Baxshillo Jo‘rayevich

Dean of preschool and elementary education faculty, associate professor


Sobirov Tolib Ro‘ziyevich

The head of the department of special correspondence and correspondence, docent


Ergashov Mansur Yarashovich

Head of educational-methodical department, docent


Barotov SHarif Ramazonovich

A member of the Academy of International Psychological Sciences (academician), Professor


Yavmutov Dilshod SHoimardonqulovich

Head of the quality control department at the Bukhara State University, docent


Daminov Mirzoxid Islomovich

Director of the Regional Training and Retraining Center for Public Education Staff


Qaxxorov Otabek Siddiqovich

Head of the Master's Degree at the University


Adizova Obodon Istamovna

Chairman of the University Women's Council


Samadov Alisher Baxshullayevich



Jumaqulov G‘olibjon Hasanovich

Director of Karakul academic lyceum # 3 under Bukhara State University


Nurullayev Firuz Fayzullayevich

Chairman of the Primary Education Organization of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan


BSU  Council secretary:                                   S.S. Hojiyev

 The main task of the University Scientific Council is to consolidate the efforts of the Bukhara State University team and the annual work plan and composition of the Council have been approved at the first meeting. During 2011 - 2015, 50 extraordinary and extraordinary meetings of the Scientific Council were held.

At the meetings of the Council the tasks such as implementing the National Program of Personnel Training, providing training of high quality bachelors and masters on the basis of modern pedagogical technology and computerization, further development of scientific research, developemnt of patriotism in young people, pride in their homeland, as well as the development of cultural, spiritual and intellectual characteristics have been planned

Also, at the University Scientific Council, monthly meetings are held by the university team in accordance with the National Curriculum for National Education, with strict implementation of state educational standards, curricula, teaching and research reports about their activities, reports on the activities of higher education institutions, reports on the results of admission to the university, the needs of the national economy graduates, relationships with orders reviewing the marketing service reports and making appropriate decisions.

At the meetings of the Academic Council of the University during the year, they summed up the annual qualification of students and made recommendations on their improvement, plans for research, spiritual and enlightenment work, and the improvement of the qualification of teachers. As part of the implementation of the Summit resolutions, qualifying practices and GTP and MD topics were selected in collaboration with direct employers. In the first half of the 2015-2016 academic year, about 30 teachers of the university have been trained at the regional centers of the TT and RP at the Academy of Higher Education in Tashkent and Bukhara State University.

2 textbooks  and more than 20 manuals reviewed by the Scientific Council of the University have been published which are presented to the review of the Coordination Council on publication of textbooks and manuals at the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Universitet ilmiy Kengashi tomonidan “Oliy o’quv yurtlari pedagogik xodimlarni ishga qabul qilish tartibi to’g’risida”gi Nizomga hamda vazirlikning 2015 yil 29 avgustdagi “O’zbekiston Respublikasi Vazirlar Mahkamasining 2015 yil 25 avgustdagi “O’zbekiston Respublikasi Hukumatining ayrim qarorlariga pedagogik faoliyat samaradorligi va sifatini oshirish bilan bog’liq o’zgartirish va qo’shimchalar kiritish to’g’risida”gi 246-sonli qarori ijrosini ta’minlash to’g’risida”gi 319-sonli buyrug’iga muvofiq pedagog-xodimlar lavozimlarini egallashlari uchun tanlovlar muntazam o’tkazilmoqda. 2013 yillar davomida 289 nafar pedagog-xodimlar (kafedra mudiri, professor, dosent, katta o’qituvchi, o’qituvchi (assistent), o’qituvchi-stajyor lavozimlariga) tanlovdan o’tgan. Shulardan, 14 nafari kafedra mudiri, 10 nafari professor, 50 nafari dosentlik lavozimlariga saylangan.

In accordance with the Regulation "On the order of recruiting pedagogical staff of higher educational institutions" and the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on August 25, 2015 " On the introduction of amendments and supplements to the Law of the Republic of UzbekistanNo. 246" On the introduction of amendments and additions to the Law " Competitions are held regularly. In 2013, 289 pedagogical staff (head of the department, professor, associate professor, senior teacher, teacher, trainee-trainee) were selected. 14 of them are the head of the chair, 10 are professors and 50 of them are associate professors.

The University Scientific Council has reviewed and recommended the documents of three applicants who applied to the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the academic title 2014-2015 academic year. Today, they have been certified as associate professors by the SAC.

At the Scientific Council of the University, 27 independent researchers and 17 senior researchers were discussed and approved by their doctoral dissertation themes and scientific advisors.

At scientific council meetings annual reports of pro-rectors, educational-methodical department and other departments are considered.

  1. Shukrillaev, Sh.Ahmedova, S.Abdullayev, Sh.Suleymanov, B.Juraeva, S. Nazarova, N.Rakhimov and others worked at the Scientific Council as secretaries at different times.

BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti


Scientific Council Secretary: Hojiyev Sanjar Samadovich
Phone: (0-365) 221-27-92 (91) 447-55-33
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Activities of the Scientific Secretary and the Secretary of the Scientific Council:

⦁ To report and monitor officials who are responsible for relevant areas about the plan of Univesity scientific council meeting of every month

to ensure the participation of the Academic Council members in the Academic Council and inform them the date and time of the meeting;

to receive projects of scientific council's decisions and register them

to distribute the decisions of the Academic Council and to disseminate to all Council members when they are ready;

to have regular monitoring of the completion of decisions of the Academic Council;

⦁ in case of incompleting projects by the officials to have a written or oral report to the Chairman of the Board of Science;

to registrate decisions of the Scientific Council with the protocol. To get signature and approval of the protocols by the Chairman and Scientific Secretary of the Scientific Council;

To approve the transcript of all HE documents approved by the Academic Council;

⦁ According to the decision of the Academic Council, to check documents of professor, associate professor seeking the title of senior scientific and to present for the check and send documents to the HAC;

⦁ to approve the doctoral and master's theses topics which are approved by Scientific council discussion

⦁ to registrate chair of department, professor and associate professor for the vacant positions and hold a contest by a secret ballot

ITo approve the list of professor-teachers scientific councils;

At the end of each academic year to submit the Academic councils records to to the archive

to Approve Academic Council's plan to the recor of the university upon consideration by the Academic Council

⦁ to make changes in the work plan on the basis of the Orders of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education decisions and orders

Constantly to maintain the nomenclature of the volumes of the scientific council and monitor all documents.

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