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International Cooperation Department

 Bukhara State University International Relations Department was founded in 1992. After gaining independence, our country has been building partnerships with leading foreign universities in the field of higher education, setting up students, professors and researchers, expanding the knowledge of contemporary research in the field of science.

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Head of department:   Mukhiddin Kilichov

Department Address: 11, M.Ikbol Street, Bukhara city.

Phone: 0365-2212718

Fax: 0365-2212707

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Establishment and effective functioning of the International Relations Department at BSU is closely linked with the current rector of the university, academician K.M.Mukimov and associate professor Z.B.Tashov. Their efforts made the first steps towards the development of international cooperation of the university.

The main tasks of the department are as follows:

  • Develop and strengthen cooperation with foreign educational institutions and research centers;
  • Assistance in the study of positive achievements in science and technology in foreign educational institutions;
  • Support of participation of students, researchers and professors in international scientific activities;
  • Ensure the participation of university representatives in international projects;
  • Attraction of foreign experts and experts in the educational process;
  • Organization of visas and registration procedures related to the study and study of foreign students and teachers in the university.

In the post of the head of the international department Z.B.Toshov (1992-1998, Vice-Rector for Foreign Affairs in 1998-2004, 2006-2007), A.Nurov (1997-1999), N.Sayfullayev (2000-2002) , B.Mamajonov (2003), MAOripov (2003-2005), SSKurbonov (2012-2014), ATJo'raev (2007-2012, 2014-2017), Sh. Sh. Sharopov (2017-2018) have been working. M.H. Kılıchov is heading the department currently.

In the first years of the organization of the department, within the framework of contracts with foreign universities and various scholarship contests, students and professors have been conducting educational and research trips to Germany, France, Turkey, the United States and many other countries.

Since 1994, the University has become one of the first universities in the country to implement the European Union's Tempus program. The first of these projects is aimed at improving the curriculum of the subjects taught at the Faculty of Economics, improving the professional skills of professors and teachers. This project is one of the first Tempus projects in our country and university. The positive results achieved during the project have been instrumental in the successful implementation of the next projects.

The geography of the universities and research centers cooperating with Bukhara has been expanding over the years, and has expanded to include Germany, France, USA, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Japan, Czech Republic, India, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Established mutually beneficial contacts with universities in Central Asia, embassies, international organizations and funds operating in our country (DAAD, British Council, German Technical Cooperation Society, Toshiba Foundation, various research centers, libraries).

In 2000, together with the Egyptian Embassy, ​​the Center for the Egyptian Culture and Arabic, Italian Language and Culture Center, in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy, in 2002, the Training Center for Excellence Service in cooperation with the University of Maryland in Agrarian University, Paris Syud XI University Training and Research Center, Korean International Cooperation Agency KOYKA in 2004, Korean Language and Information Technology Center, 2005 Persian Language Center with the help of the Iranian Embassy, ​​Uzbek-Japanese Human Resources Development in 2007 the Bukhara branch of the Center was established. In 2011 Spanish language training was started in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain. Students studying at these centers, along with a thorough knowledge of foreign languages, are successfully working in various fields of social and economic life of the republic.

Cooperation with centers, international organizations has strengthened cooperation in education and culture. For example, a small troupe, headed by Massimo Tosca, at the center of Italian Language and Culture, traveled with her performances throughout Central Asia, and a number of works by Italian writers were translated from the Italian language for the first time. Several Spanish-language students have contributed to the growth of the flow of Spanish tourists to our country.

Since 2010, the university has grown to a new level of international relations. This can be seen primarily by collaboration and exchange programs aimed at improving the quality of education, enhancing the professional skills of academic staff and academic research capacities.

A large-scale work has been carried out within the framework of the European Commission's Tempus program. So far, 14 projects have been implemented at the university, and the university has one of the leading places in the country. In the fourth phase of the program (2007-2013), nine projects were implemented, and the University ranked first among Uzbekistan's universities by this indicator.

At present, 5 Tempus projects are being implemented, which will improve the quality assurance system in education through the improvement of professional training of professors, development of management skills in higher education, to improve their performance. Within the framework of these projects, the volume of technical equipment and textbooks for the last 3 years is about 100,000 euros. As a result of the projects, the Center for Quality Assurance in Education, Center for Innovative Research in Tourism, Ecological and Environmental Education and Research Center, special classrooms, more than 40 professors and researchers have been involved in various trainings and courses.

Certain progress has been made in the academic exchange program of Erasmus Mundus. According to the 2014 program published by the European Commission for Programmatic Participation in Higher Education Institutions, the University is the

first in Uzbekistan with nine projects, the second in Central Asia and the world's 10th-12th places. Under these projects, academic mobility of students, masters, researchers and professors with leading universities of the European Union has been established, and more than 50 representatives of the University have been awarded scholarships.

According to the results of the Erasmus + program, which has been in force since 2015, four new projects aimed at improving higher education attended by representatives of the University, 7 academic exchange programs have been successfully completed, and the university once again took the highest place in our country. As part of the Erasmus + Youth Policy Contest, one new project has been won, and this kind of international project will be the first in our country. By the year 2018 BSU has established contacts with about 30 universities, academic centers and academies of foreign countries.

At the university, certain achievements have been made in learning and teaching foreign languages ​​based on international cooperation. The University is partnering with the British Council to participate in the project on modeling student groups based on teaching English with the latest curricula. External experts invited for the purpose of studying and evaluating the current state of affairs have recognized that Bukhara University is one of the leaders among 18 Higher Educational Establishments participating in this project. At present, about 15 courses are taught in English.

Particular attention is paid to interuniversity cooperation. The University has signed cooperation agreements with many universities and research institutes around the world. For example, in the framework of the agreement between the Department of "Tourism" and the Department of "Tourism" of the Valencian Polytechnic University of Spain joint scientific works are being carried out in various areas of tourism. The chair has received more than 100 titles of educational and methodical literature on tourism and hospitality, which are used in educational process. The Uzbek-German dictionary is being prepared with the support of German Embassy in Uzbekistan and KNAUF. This glossary contains more than 80,000 terms and is the most significant dictionary ever created in our country. Such initiatives are also being implemented in other departments of the university.

Over the years of Independence, many foreign students (35 students) have been trained in foreign universities, foreign professors and teachers have been trained (3 foreign teachers are currently employed), many foreigners delegations visited. Hundreds of international trips were organized by professors, masters, students and researchers. At the international events held in the Republic and the region, such as the traditional "Silk and Spice Festival", university professors and teachers take an active part.

It is noteworthy that the experience gained from international cooperation and improved professional skills are successfully introduced into the learning process. A number of teaching materials have been prepared by professors and teachers who have been trained at foreign universities, and the use of advanced experience in quality assurance in teaching and learning is constantly being pursued.

The achievement of these results is supported by the leadership of the university for international cooperation and the efforts of professors, teachers, researchers and students to promote the University's name on the international scale.

All this, undoubtedly, contributes to the maintenance of the position of Bukhara State University as a highly respected university in the field of international relations.

The fragments from the department's activity

Visit of German Ambassador to Uzbekistan Gunter Leo Overfeld

US Ambassador to Uzbekistan Pamela Spratlen's visit to Bukhara

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Resident Representative in Uzbekistan Xlena Freizer


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