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Accounting department

BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti


Chief Accountant: Jumayev Obid Rakhmonovich

Phone: (0 365) 221-27-87

Email Address:




Functions and tasks of the Accounting Department

            Accounting department is a structural unit of the university. The Accounting Charter works on the Charter of the University, based on the present regulation, and its practical activity is implemented in the operation of the Uzbek Communication and Information Agency, the orders of the Ministry ofHigher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan,University orders and instructions. Its main task is to know the laws of the department, Decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers, Decisions of the Ministry, Decrees of the Ministry, Decree of the rector of the Ministry, Knowledge of the annual and perspective plans of the Higher School, Accounting and Reporting of financial and controlling organizations, all the methodological, normative and other documents pertaining to the economic activity, the structure and prospects of its development, and to ensure its practical implementation. The following groups are defined in the department of accounting:

  • Chief accountant
  • Chief Accountant Assistant
  • Senior Accountant-Auditor
  • Accountant (Type 1, Type 1.2)
  • Chief Treasurer
  • The Treasurer

Employees in each group are independentlyaccountable by accountants in accordance with job descriptions under the head accounting manager.

Duties of the Accounting Department:

  • Ensuring the organization of bookkeeping according to the normative documents approved by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, control over the efficient use of material, labor and financial resources;
  • Monitoring of timely calculation and distribution of monthly salaryof professors and teachers, student scholarships;
  • Creating accurate and complete information on the status and movement of assets, property rights and liabilities on the accounts;
  • Timely handling inventory and cash resources;
  • Summarize accounting data for effective management;
  • Making financial, tax and other reports;
  • Conducting local and republican budget taxes in due time;

• Targeted use of funds from the Bank;• Preventing from the emergence of accounts receivable and debtors;• Controlling over the proper use of the salary fund based on approved staffing tables and state formulas;• Controlling the correctness of the fund's fundamentals based on orders issued by the rector;• Controlling the receipt and disposal of goods and materials on the basis of established rules;• Controlling over expenditure of budget and off-budget funds based on expenditure estimates approved;• Controlling over the quality of cash, inventory and fixed assets inventory based on established procedures;Control over the delivery of monthly, quarterly and annual reports to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, tax inspectorate and other organizations. Address: M.Ikbol Street, 11th flat, 2nd floor, room 6

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