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About faculty

      The faculty is guided by the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education", "National Program of Personnel Training" and the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Strengthening of material and technical basis of higher education institutions and training of highly qualified specialists" On measures to radically improve quality of life.

BDU-Buxoro davlat universitetiHistory of the department

The faculty of Physical education was founded in 1964 in Bukhara Pedagogical Institute. In the faculty there was established department of Physical Education Theory and Gymnastics. A number of experienced teachers such as А.K.Аtоеv, G.Е.Krivоshlikоv, G.А.Zvеrоv, А.Аlеksаndrоvsky, G.Shаpаvаlоvа, I.I.Burnаshоv, L.P.Shulikоvа and many others conducted their scientific activity for the development of the department. Currently, the department is called that of Department of Theory and methodology of physical education and it is chaired by senior teacher K.P.Arslonov.

Department of physical culture and sports among faculties began its independent activity in 1967. The first head of the department is Rajabov Hamro Nazarovich. In 1967, the department was part of the department of physical education among faculties, headed by the senior teacher I.A Stepanenko. In 1967, the department was renamed the department of "Athletics and sporting games", then "Physical culture and national sports", since 2005 the Department of "Sports" and in 2015 "Physical culture and sport among faculties". 

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 Intercultural physical Culture and sport division began its work independently in 1967.The first chief of Division was Rajabov Khamro Namozovich. In 1967 year Intercultural physical Culture is the part of Division, ruled by head teacher I.A.Stepanenko. in 1967 year Division was called ‘’Track and field athletics’’ , after that it was called ‘’ physical Culture and national sports ‘’. From 2005 Sport division, from 2015’’ Intercultural physical Culture and sport’’. Now it is called ’’ Intercultural physical Culture and sport’’.

In 1968-73 years Division was ruled by head teacher V.Malometov, In 1973-80 years by professor, doctor of pedagogical sciences H.A.Botirov, In 1980-83 years by candidate of pedagogical sciences , assistant professor I.Yusupov,between 1983-85 years by candidate of pedagogical sciences G.Bafoyev, In 1985-86 years by candidate of pedagogical sciences , assistant professor B.G.Giyosov, in 1986 -93 years head teacher K.R.Toshev, in 1993-2000 years candidate of pedagogical sciences , assistant professorR.S.Boymurodov, in 2005 -2010 years by candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor H.A.Botirov, in 2010-2011 years by head teacher J.A. Abdullayev, in 2011-12 years by candidate of pedagogical sciences B.B.Ma’murov. Candidates of pedagogical sciences , assistants professor I.I.Burnashov, I.I.Yusupov, G.F. Bafoyev, X.N.Rajabov, head teachers V.A.Malomet,K.R.Toshev, K. B. Chinkulov ,G.S. Salomov; teachers Z.A.Muborakov, G,Zverev,B,A. Jurayev, G.N.Astoshenko, O.Voropay, N.s. Safarov, I. Ismoilov, S. Raxmonov ,I, Raxmatov, A. Pardayev,

R.Xamidov, A. Nasteko, V.A.Martishenko,B.Ne’matov, R.Muxsinov gave their help to get improved sport.

Professors and teachers of department ,President of the Repuyblic of Uzbekistan Decrees and resolutions issued by The Cab inet of Minesters , DTS traing of personnel on the basis of requierements , improvement of their professional traing Introduction of New pedagogical technologies in the field of education scientific and methodical the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of conducting research in accordance with modern requarements They have been working with me.Associate Professor of the Department M.J. Abdullayev’’ Traing of junior track and field athelets Methods of using mobile games to improve efficiency’’, teacher A.E .Sattorov ‘’Future Teachers of physical education pedagogical bases and technologies of culture formation ‘’ successfully defended Phd theses teacher RS Boymurodov ‘’ In the process of physical traing and spotrs . Pedagogical evaluation of the effectiveness of specialized classroom activites Monitoring ‘’teacher R. Rahmonov’’ Mid –distance runners improving running techniques in annual training sessions Efficiency’’.

Students studying at the depatoment took part in prestigious competitions and took honorable places are coming. Teams let by department teachers participating in all kinds of competitions and taking honorable places are coming.


BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Head of department: Alisher Karomatovich Ibragimov
    assistant professor
BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Address: Bukhara city, M.Ikbol street 11
 BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti  Phone: +(90) 712 – 55 - 93
BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Fax: (0 365) 221-29-11
BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Reception days: Friday 12:00-18:00


3 Research activities of the department

The department carries out a lot of work in the field of science. In the last short period of time, members of the department published 6 textbooks, 20 manuals, 2 monographs, 3 certificates of authorship, more than 100 scientific articles, more than 40 international scientific articles, more than 200 international conferences Thesis was prepared at more than 200 scientific conferences of the Republic.

For example, in 2013–2019, the faculty of the department was awarded the Ministerial Grammar: Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor BBMamurov's Theory and Methods of Physical Education (Part 1 History of Physical Education) (2018), PhD, Associate Professor MJAbdullaev. "Athletics and Technique of Teaching" (2017), "Methods of Teaching Selected Sports - Athletics" (2018), "Improving Sports Skills (Athletics)" (2019) by MBI Ibragimov Education and Sports ”(2018), Methods of Teaching Sport and Active Games (Football), pfd, prof. “The theory and methodology of physical education in child development” (2014), “The theory and methodology of physical culture” (2017), PhD, Associate Professor MJAbdullaev Methods of enhancing general and special physical training of runners "(2013)," Professional and pedagogical activity of trainer for middle and long distance runners "(2015), (2015), "Swim and Teaching Methodology" (2018), "Athletics and Teaching Methods (Example of Running) (2018)," Applied Sports and Teaching Methods (Athletics) (2019), Associate Professor AKIbragimov's Methods of Preparing Young Handballers (2015), "Reading Sport and Match Games. dental techniques (handball) (2018), teachers MBIbragimov "Football Medicine" (2018), UO Farmonov "Methods of teaching sports and basketball (Basketball)" (2018) ), RRRakhmonov Athletics "Jumping Techniques and Teaching Techniques" (2018), published:

Professors and teachers of the department are actively involved in three-stage sports competitions "Umid Nihollari", "Harmoniously Developed Generation" and "Universiade". Teachers and students of the department take part in the Universiade 2016 in Fergana in athletics and athletics.

Nowadays, the teachers of the department together with the regional sports federations are preparing for the Universiade-2019.

The department has established scientific contacts with other universities. Among them are the Uzbek State University of Physical Culture and Sports, the Institute of Pedagogical Sciences named after Kori Niyozi, the Nizami TSPU, Termez DU, Kokand DPI, Navoi DP, Karshi DU, GulDU, UrSU and many others.

4 Scientific directions of the department

Nowadays, the main scientific directions of the department are "Psycho-pedagogical and physiological and hygienic bases of training of highly qualified sportsmen" and "Pedagogical bases of competitive training". One DSc and 2 PhD dissertations were defended in this area of ​​research.

5 Subjects taught in the department

The chair 5112000 - “Physical culture; 5111500 - "Theory and Methodology of Physical Education and Sport Activities" (Master's) in the following courses: are carried:

Physical training and sports;

Methods of teaching sports and action games (action games, badminton, table tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, and handball);

Athletics and teaching methodology;

Improvement of sports skills;

Tourism and teaching methods;

Organization and refereeing of sporting events;

Sport Sports in pre-school education;

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