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About the department

In 1986, the department began its activity under the name of "Informatics, Computational Technics TSO" and was headed by associate professor T. Kh. Sharipov headed.

         In 1988-1992 the department was headed by docent I.I.Jalolov. In 1992, the department was named "Informatics and Methematical Modeling" and was headed by Prof. Z.Sh.Jumaev. In 1998, the department was divided into two directions: "Metrology and Informatics" (head of the department R.D.Alaev), "Applied Mathematics and Informatics" (head of the department is Z.Sh.Jumaev).

BDU-Buxoro davlat universitetiThe history of the department "Mathematics" is closely connected with the history of BSU. In different years the department was named differently. In the 60s of the last century the department was called "Mathematics". During these years A.Yusupov worked as the head of the department.

              Physics chair was founded in 1931 year. The chair was headed in various years by professors such as M.N. Rahmatov, Q.B.Boybotaev, J.B.Murodov, V.A.Mominov, B.M. Ochilov, O.X.Shodiev, T.D.Joraev,Sh.M.Mirzaev, K.K.Kurbanov, S.A.Boltaev, E.S.Nazarov, B.E.Niyazxonov and they try to improve the reputation of the faculty. In the current years Fayziyev Shaxobiddin Shavkatovich controls  the chair.

The members of faculty work basing on the laws “About Education” and “National Regulation of Preparation of Personals” and also “The Measures of Financial-Technical Improvements and also Preparation of Professional Personals” of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan.

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