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Military Education faculty

In accordance with the Decree of the Council of Ministers dated August 25, 1978, № 727, in Bukhara region, in 1980, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Defense developed the Military Department at Bukhara State Pedagogical Institute named after S.Orjonikidze for the purpose of developing "Primary Military Training" has been released. First, 100 students enrolled in the military faculty.  There were students who had been in the army and studied at special school. Since then hundreds of students have been graduating this faculty every year.

For over 37 years, professors, military oficers, generals and teachers have been teaching young generations.f

Training courses for students in military training are organized by Military faculty.The Military Training Faculty is a permanent member of the Military Personnel Training Department of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami, Ferghana State Pedagogical Institute, military units of the Bukharian's garrison, National Guard, Bukhara Regional Coordination Council, Bukhara Regional Military Administrative Department, Bukhara Regional Department of Public Education, Bukhara Regional Department of Vocational Education and a number of professional colleges.

Head of Military Training Faculty: Lieutenant Colonel Baboev Alomirzo To'lamirzayevich

Phone: +998972921604

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research work at the Faculty of Military Training: Special Training Cycle Manager, Senior Lecturer Uzoqov Asliddin Mehriddinovich is conducting a scientific research on the theme "Pedagogical analysis and evaluation of low level of students' patriotism".

Subjects taught at the Military Faculty:

  • Military studies
  • Military
  • Reading and teaching methods
  • Officer shooting
  • Teaching of Civil Society
  • Tactical adventure
  • Military medicine
  • Universal regulations
  • Pure preparation
  • The organization and methodology of CHRD
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction and UH• Military psychology and pedagogy basics
  • Fire Prevention
  • Methods of educational work in the military
  • Technical training
  • Teaching of the HACCP subject ped. technology
  • ICT in teaching HACCP
  • Hand combat and its teaching methodology
  • Engineering Preparation
  • Military patriotism principles

Members of "Faculty of Military Training": 19 Officers Work at the Faculty

  1. Boboyev A.T. - Head of Military Training Faculty.
  2. Abdullayev Y.Z. - deputy head of the faculty on spiritual-enlightenment affairs, docent
  3. Abdullayev A.N. - Head of educational department, senior teacher.
  4. Abdurakhmanov Sh.N. - Senior teacher of methodical preparation cycle, senior teacher.
  5. Uzoqov А.М. - Head of Special Training Cycle, Senior Lecturer.
  6. Jumayev F.SH. - Head of the General Cough Preparation Cycle, Senior Lecturer.Davronov U.M. - head teacher.
  7. Samadov V.T. - teacher.
  8. Mamurov U. - teacher.
  9. Niyazov E.SH. - teacher
  10. Hikmatov AI - teacher.
  11. Haydarov M. - teacher.
  12. Temirov O'H - teacher.
  13. Valiyev A.A. - teacher.
  14. Safoyev X.A. - head teacher.
  15. Rakhimov F.B. - head teacher.
  16. Nurullayev L. - teacher.


  1. Nazarov TN - teacher.
  2. Samadov A. - teacher

Address: Bukhara city Hamza street 16-house.T



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