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Fine arts and drawing graphic

In 1975 the department is founded with name of "Sketch geometry and Deawing at artistic graphics faculty".5 member joined in the department , 2 of them were senior teachers.In the department which began its activity in this way a lot of sciences are attained.Including, the only technics doctoral candidates are D.F.Quchqarova, professor  are  J.Y.Yadgarov, assistent professors are I.Ma'murob and M.M.Badiyev, Y.X.Axmedov, T.X.Sobirov and A.N.Narzullayev

BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti

Afterwards in the department junior mighty teachers are; 1977 .N.Boltayeva,  in 1980 A.I.Gul9mxujaeva, in 2000 N.J.Yodgorov, in 2005 D.Q.Mamatov, in 2007 Sh.U.Sobirova, in 2010 A.Sh.Aminov began thier activity.From department'e teachers I.Ma'murov , D.Q.Qucgqarova in 1981, Yu.Axmedov in 1985, M.M.Badiyev in 1994 st the special assembly of Kiev(KISI)  Construction Engeneering institute A.Narzullayev in Arzimaydi 1992 defended candidacy dissertation successfully in Tashkent. 

In 2009 26 February  N.J.Yodgorov defends csndidate dissertation as to theory methodics of education and upbringing (Drawing) in number K. 067.18.01.Unites specialized assembly in Tashkent State Pedagogic University named Nizamiy at the topic  13.00.02 " The factor of developing  knowledge activity of pupils at the process of areal exchanges"- and Pedagogics science candidate scientific degree is given to him by superior attestation commision  in Uzbekistan Republic Ministers Establishment.

With the development technology professor-teachers  focus on using computers.In 1986 60 hours "Machine graphics"special course is organized.The problem of this course, and education mannuals are printed by professor J.Yodgarov.

4 monographs, over 70 books, education manual, over scientific, scientific-articles by the member of department are participating in the international, republic and region scientific assembles actively.Bugungi kunda kafedrada uchta

     Nowadays 3 science candidates, assistant professor ,1 senior teacher and 4 teacher are functioning.

Talented students of the  department are participating  in Republiv subject Olypiad from "Drawing and Computer graphics" are winning a prize.


BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti The head of department: Yadgarov Nodir Djalolovich
    Candidate of pedagogical sciences, assistant professor
BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Address: Bukhara city, M.Ikbol street 11
 BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti  Phone: (+998) (97) 300-34-00
BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Fax: (0 365) 221-29-11
BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Reception: Every day 15.00-17.00 (except monday  and tuesday)


Scientific and methodological works: 65 declared, among them, 1 e-book, 1 , 13 methodical instruction, 46 scientific article and thesis, 2 certification which is given by Uzbekistan Republic State patent adminstration and the 2 certification of the Republic of agency protecting Uzbekistan copyright license.

Speaciality and the directions of education which is prepared in department:

5110800-the graphics of fine arts and engeenering

5111000- Vocational training (kind of practical training)

                          The achievments of professional teacher and students

After acheiving Independence, the developing way which is chosen in Uzbekistan's social and economical branch,involves holding reforms as to renewing educational system. The double documents including legal base of these reforms – in order to provide accomplishing aim and the functions considering in" National project educating Cadres» and law of "Education" new education standarts, curricular textbooks, modern didactic provision are procuded and new education establishments are organized.

Including,using effeciently infornation technologies in educating graphic subjects, developing endlessly teaching methods, its content and structure, creating electron references of these subjects is considered the main direction of reforming education.

Therefore, the main conseptual direction is teaching to representing technical thinking ability by graphics and developing genaral imigination and the students' graphic thought,because approaching to this problem is doubless to serve in bringing up perfect generation and developing creativity , invention features, improving the students general thought.

Scientific relations of department is  well -arranged  with not only republic higher education, but also foreign countries. Sketch geometry and drawing department is conducting efficient scientific bussiness based on contract with Kiev National Aviation and  Sevastopol state technic university of Ukrain.Not only professional teachers but also students are attracted to this scientific relation.

In the last 10 years, scientific creative searches are developing swiftly.Including creating textbook, traing methodical manual and electronic education resources are going effiently.


Projection drawing N.Yodgorov, J.Yodgorov with togetherness.E book for higher educations students.Uzbekistan Republic higher and secondary education ministry. 2011 year in 11.05   192 order.50 mb

State patent:

Projection drawing.. N.Yodgorov, J.Yodgorov with togetherness.Sertification about registring the project which is created for electronic culculating .Tashkent. 2009.05. 06. № DGU 01762.

Drawing geometry.. J.Yodgorov, N.Yodgorov with togetherness ..Sertification about registring the project which is created for electronic culculating .Tashkent: 2010.08. 04. № DGU 01960.

Copyright certification

Projection drawing J.Yodgorov, J.Yodgorov with togetherness.E-book for 8 -9 classes.Republic agency certification protecting Uzbekistan  the license of copyright  Tashkent: № 2786, 16.03.2009

Drawing geometry.J.Yodgorov, N.Yodgorov with togetherness.E-book for higher education.Republic agency certification protecting Uznekistan the license of copyright Tashkent: № 2786, 16.03.2009

Training manual:

Geometric and projection drawing.J.Yodgorov, T.Sobrov with tohetherness. Tashkent: Yangi asr avlodi, 2008. –143b.

J.Yodgorov, A.Narzullaev “Machinary drawingi”. Tashkent, ”Uzvekistan philosophers national society" publication. 2009,271 page

J.Yodgorov, A.Narzullaev. “Topographical drawing”. Namangan, “Namangan” publication, 2012 y. 96 p

D.I. Mamurova, A.Sh. Aminov.Drawing graphic description 



5110800 Fine art and engeenering graphics

The name of subjects,integrated courses and blocks


The name of subjects


3.00.General professional subjects



Psychological-pedagocical course

3.03. Muhandislik grafikasini o`qitish nazariyasi va metodikasi


The graphic of engeenering course

3.10.Drawing geometry

3.11. Drawing

3.12.The graphic of computer


4.00.Special course




4.03.The modern training technology of engeneering graphic



4.04. The base of Drawing graphic


 The candidate's number of departmenti: 0, the candedates of subjecti: 3

The avarage age of professor-teachers of departmenti: 38 age, The avarage age of candidates: 48 age

The professor-teachers of department

  1. Yodgorov Nodir Djalolovich s.c.Assistant professor
  2. Badiev Maxmud Marufovich             s.c. Assistant professor
  3. Mamatov Dilshod Qodirovich            Teacher
  4. Aminov Akmal Shavkatovich            Teacher
  5. Shukurov Avaz Ro’ziboevich Teacher
  6. Mamurova Dilfuza Islomovna             Teacher
  7. Baqoev Shodijon Shokirovich             The senior teacher
  8. Avliyoqulov Muzaffar Muhammedovich  The senior teacher
  9. Botirov Jaxongir Sobirovich Teacher     
  10. Shomurodov Oybek Norqulovich Teacher
  11. Azimova Muxayyo Barotovna Teacher
  12. Abdullaev Suxrob Sayfullaevich      Assistant professor
  13. Ramazonov Shuxrat Raximovich The senior teacher
  14. Avezov Sherali Naimovich              Teacher
  15. Muxsinova Aziza Sodiqovna Teacher
  16. Hakimova Gulnora Abdumalikovna Teacher
  17. Azimov Sanjar Samadovich Teacher
  18. To’xsanova Viloyat Rajabovna Teacher

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