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About the department

      Musical art is an important means of moral, cultural and spiritual education. Therefore, great attention is paid to the art of music and its development in all periods and societies. Regarding this delicate educational setting of music, at the Faculty of Primary Education at the State Pedagogical Institute (now University) in 1962, the Department of Musical education  was opened. The main purpose of the department was to train skilled music teachers for general education schools in our region and neighboring regions, as well as identify talented singers and discover them in art. The young specialist Toshpulot Tursunov was appointed as the head of the department.

In 1975 the department is founded with name of "Sketch geometry and Deawing at artistic graphics faculty".5 member joined in the department , 2 of them were senior teachers.In the department which began its activity in this way a lot of sciences are attained.Including, the only technics doctoral candidates are D.F.Quchqarova, professor  are  J.Y.Yadgarov, assistent professors are I.Ma'murob and M.M.Badiyev, Y.X.Axmedov, T.X.Sobirov and A.N.Narzullayev

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