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Scientific research activity

Effective use of the scientific potential of the university in determining the scientific, practical and scientific-technical problems of the development of the Republic's economy;

 - organization of scientific work and ensuring the fulfillment of the established term;

 - Learning trends in the education system of advanced countries, implementation of the tasks set out in the Law "On Education", "National Program for Personnel Training" and other relevant laws of science and education the development of methodologies and tools for increasing the quality and effectiveness of their implementation

 - Development and effective implementation of the University's scientific activities 

- Supervising and ensuring the fulfillment of the tasks of the academic staff of the individual plans

 - coordinating the planning, organization and conduct of scientific and practical conferences, and ensuring the participation of university professors and staff at scientific conferences in other organizations and enterprises, promoting the formation of academic schools at the university, carrying out of scientific activity stimulation 

- Application of international scientific and technical databases, preparation and publication of articles in international scientific journals, implementation of measures for their citation 

- Managing the process of preparation of winners of state scholarships and state scholarships by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan 

- Organization and effective functioning of scientific councils at the University 

- The launch of fundamental innovative projects, as well as the effectiveness of scientific research work in the creation of new techniques and technologies; 

- Improve the quality of training by introducing the results of scientific research into the educational process and production enterprises; 

- Strengthening of material and technical base for research work; 

- Integration of competitive scientific developments and technologies based on the development of scientific and technical cooperation. 

- Development of scientific pedagogical personnel and increase of efficiency of research works in cooperation with research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

- Participation in implementation of university scientific developments in production; 

- Organization of student scientific works; involvement of gifted students and senior students in scientific work, organization and participation of students in the university, regional and republican scientific works exhibitions and Olympiads; 

- Ensure participation of university professors in state grants (fundamental, applied, innovative), announced by the Ministry of Innovative Development of Uzbekistan. 

- Organization of doctoral dissertation, base doctorate, independent researchers and researchers in doctoral dissertation topics in SAC themes database. 

- Scopus and ScienceDirect access to the international scientific and technical database for university faculty, doctoral students and students 

Create. Creation and constant support of the information and methodological support of the Science 2020 Program 

- Ensure that scientific works of professors, teachers, doctoral students and students are published in scientific journals with high impact factor 

- Participation in the formulation and approval of the subject of research and the content of foreign grants in collaboration with the International Department, monitoring all scientific research projects, projects and grants, conducting scientific conferences, formulating all necessary reporting for higher education institutions and present 

- Management of the process of preparation of the state scholarships of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan among the doctoral candidates 

- Supervision of scientific and innovative activity of the faculties, departments, scientific centers 

- Oversee compliance with the University Charter and internal regulations by the doctors and independent researchers 

- Establishment of the necessary material and technical base for the development of scientific activity at the University, management and coordination of the processes and provision of appropriate scientific equipment. 

- Writing the Annual Report of the University and submitting it to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 


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