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Scientific Activity

- The scientific and technical council of the university is actively working. The main purpose of the Council is to develop the basic principles and practice of implementation of scientific, scientific-technical and innovative policy in the university. Functions: 

- to provide university professors with the opportunity to participate in fundamental and applied research, scientific projects and coordination of projects expertise; 

- To expand the scope of scientific research carried out at the university and to develop mechanisms for the use of scientific capacities of the ministries and departments of the Academy of Sciences in the scientific and pedagogical training; 

- Participation in production of legislative and normative-legal base aimed at strengthening the influence of science on the improvement of the system of higher and secondary special and vocational education of the Republic. 

- Development and management of proposals for improvement of scientific research activity and preparation of scientific and pedagogical cadres: 

to ensure the effectiveness of the research activities at the university, as well as the development of methodological and normative foundations for the introduction of educational systems and products; 

- Preparation of proposals for the evaluation and improvement of the effectiveness of the scientific, scientific and technical and innovative activities management system; 

- Formation of methodological normative bases aimed at increasing the effectiveness of scientific and scientific-pedagogical cadres at the university; 

- Implementation of measures for the organization and support of competitions of major doctoral and doctorate projects; 

- effective organization of students' research at the university, putting them to discussion and making relevant decisions;

 - Preparation of proposals on international, republican and ministry-level scientific conferences;

 - Listening, reporting, and making appropriate decisions, such as reports on research activities of the university, if necessary.

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