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Future plans (for research and school trends)

- To make proposals to the Ministry of Higher Education on accelerating the activity of the postgraduate education institute in the preparation of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical cadres, opening new professions

- Regularly discuss the research work carried out on the dissertations of PhD students and Ph.D. dissertations on the faculty meeting, Academic Council, Scientific and Technical Council and University Council

- Development of programs aimed at increasing the effectiveness of their work with gifted students on each faculty and ensuring their implementation at the university

- To improve the efficiency of training highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel:

- Create conditions for young scientists, basic PhD and doctorate (DSc) to access the internet, national and international electronic libraries;

- Transfer of qualified young pedagogues for internships and protection of scientific degrees in foreign higher educational institutions

- Promoting the development of talented young people, master's degree, doctoral PhD, doctoral student (s), ensuring their participation in national and international conferences and publication of articles;

- Organization of material and moral incentive with base doctorate (PhD), doctorate (PhD) and their scientific supervisors who defended their dissertations on the basis of the decision of the University Council, the most advanced doctorate (PhD ), doctorate (DSc), best scientific leader, best inventor, best-working scientist, youngest scientist, the most talented bachelor, the most talented masters competition, the winners of the competition are material and spiritual incentives
- Create access to international scientific and technical database Scopus and ScienceDirect for professors, teachers, doctoral students and students in higher education institutions. Establishment and constant support of information and methodological support of the Science 2020 Program

- Scientific works of professors, teachers, doctoral students and students at the university are published in scientific journals with high impact factor and their quotation

- Formation of a database of issues related to problems of fields (sector) and directions of scientific and technical development of the enterprise at the University and the creation of business contracts (grants projects) on these issues. Formation of the graduation qualification works, master and doctoral dissertations on the basis of scientific and technological problems of production enterprises.

- provision of higher education institutions with computer, information and communication technologies, electronic educational resources, including the use of the Internet, modern teaching and laboratory equipment and educational and methodological literature; - Support and promotion of research and innovation activities, the formation and development of modern scientific laboratories in the higher educational institution.- Developing and implementing measures to improve the work of the Young Scientists Council, to find and encourage talented students, to increase their interest in research, to develop students' scientific community, design bureaus and clubs.Develop and approve the normative-legal documents for gifted students to gain experience in leading foreign educational institutions, establish special scholarships for them, and organize student competitions.- Expanding the scope of activities of young people in the development of the program of work with talented students at the University and their targeted training.

- Attracting students from undergraduate and graduate students to research activities, identifying the potential of talented students in their future training in scientific and pedagogical cadres, as well as associate professors and advisers from among doctors and candidates who work effectively in student training, determination of future doctoral dissertation, supervision and incentive activities.

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