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Research Areas

- technology of transferring superconductors and their physical properties, magnetoptic properties of magnetic dielectric crystals;

- Topical issues and solutions;

- Chemical cleaning of wastewater from the textile industry on the basis of local raw materials;

- Technology of creation and application of the composite materials for the textile industry

- Creation of biotechnology of sewage and collecting water treatment in Bukhara region;

- Biology, ecology and protection of cultural landscape birds;

- Biological algae distribution and biological ecological properties of Bukhara region's enterprises;

- work with masters in fishery enterprises of Bukhara region

- Measures to prevent salinity in the Bukhara region

- Identification of ecological tourism opportunities and development of directions

- Improving the fertility of widespread soils in the Bukhara region, improving reclamation of saline soils, improving the structure of irrigated meadow-alluvial soils

- Studying the development of national literature

- Studying the translation of samples of Uzbek folklore in terms of comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics, linguistic translations

- The collection of Bukhara folklore and the problems of its learning in the Uzbek Folklore Context

- The history of Turkic peoples literature

- Problems of Uzbek linguistics

- Linguoculturological problems

- Lexical-semantic system of the language and comparative-typological studies: synchronic, diachronic

- Social Psychology and Ethnopsychology,

- History of Psychology

- Pedagogical psychology

- "History of World Migration and History of Uzbek Migration"

- Source of Bukhara

- Bukharian ethnology and ethnography problems

- The Turkestan press in the first quarter of the XXth Century

- Opportunities and prospects of regional tourism development;

 - Small business and private entrepreneurship

- regional problems of development;

- Theories of creation of tourist free economic zones;

- ways of solving internal tourism development problems in Uzbekistan

About senior research assistant- candidates of University

 Rules of registration of dissertation


Candidature Exams

According to the letter of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated October 4, 2017, No. 01-11 / 1432, qualifying exams are being held in November, December, February and May in the subject "Foreign Language (English)".

Collection of documents on scientific research papers:

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 304 from May 22, 2017 "On further improvement of postgraduate education system" the Regulation on the Academic Council, the Regulation on the Order of Academic Degree, the Regulations on the Procedure for Awarding Academic Titles, the Regulations on Procedures for Qualifying Exams, The list of the scientific publications, recommended for publication of the main scientific results of dissertations, List of specializations of dissertation and thesis abstracts, list of specialties of scientific and scientific-pedagogical cadres of the highest qualification, the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Scientific Activities

Organization and conduction of scientific-practical conferences, seminars, organization and participation in the Republican Olympiads, organization and participation in competitions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and state scholarships, preparation of research and scientific pedagogical staff of Bukhara State University Charter of the Scientific and Technical Council, Regulations of the Republican Olympiad on Students, Charter of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Charter of State Scholarships, Charter of Young Scientists, Regulation on Innovative Science and Technology Center, the Regulations on Contests of Research Works, Model Regulations on Establishment of Talented Artistic Activities

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