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Social Security
About the work done by the Trade Union Committee of Employees and Students of the Bukhara State University in 2018


          In 2018, the Committee of Trade Unions and Students of the Bukhara State University has carried out specific work.

              The Trade Union Committee oversaw the fact that the labor law of the community is being met correctly, and correct and timely analysis of applications and appeals from the staff. Promoted literacy of the staff on the most pressing issues of legal and market relations. Assistance was provided to the employees based on their occupation, profession, qualifications and employment contract.

         A six-day working week was set at the University. The general leisure time for all employees (except for staff) is Sunday.

        Terms of payment of remuneration: twice a month. Wages of all employees (70), 100% are transferred to their plastic cards. In 2018, the university did not have any payroll. Upon increasing the university tariff rates and salaries, salaries to the employee are reimbursed for all working days at a new rate. There are 14 disabled, professorial and teaching staff, 10 of whom receive 100% and 4% 50% of the university. Performance of job duties by employees is ensured by labor contracts, job descriptions and university regulations. In the year 2018, about 600 professors and teachers of the university were awarded with honorable diplomas and acknowledgment by the university rector and the trade union committee.

         In the reporting year there were no incidents of health or death due to employee performance. At the University, the members of the Labor Protection Committee and the Commission have a constant control over the compliance of all employees with the requirements of labor protection regulations and instructions. Control over the status of labor protection and labor protection was monitored. Based on the findings of the Commission on Occupational Safety and the Commission, the timely implementation of the recommendations given to the managers of the managers of the managers was constantly monitored.

              An employer was asked and implemented to address the existing shortcomings in the workplace, particularly in the field of labor supervision, technical safety and related measures. The Trade Union Committee maintained the right of members to work. In each section, members of the union have conducted explanatory and organizational work to reinforce their discipline and have taken steps to prevent conflict situations. The Ombudsman has provided the necessary conditions for the public oversight and provides them with a minimum of 2 hours of work each week, with an average salary.

               In honor of the 26th anniversary of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan and the 14th of January, the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland Day, the team works at the Bukhara State University and the University of Bukhara in cooperation with the State Program "Year of Support of Effective Business, Innovation Ideas and Technologies". a male-aged male teacher invited teachers and staff to celebrate festive events and receive memorable gifts.

         In connection with the 29th anniversary of the end of hostilities in Afghanistan, 7 union members from Bukhara State University were awarded valuable prizes by the trade union committee of the university.

    The Trade Union Committee used the existing legal and regulatory framework to further improve the social rights and protection of young workers. The work was carried out in accordance with the Convention No. 138 and 182 of the International Labor Organization, aimed at ensuring the minimum age for employment and the prevention of severe forms of child labor.

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